Crane Simulators

Every industry needs cost effective, quality operator training without interfering with production, compromising safety, and causing undue wear & tear on equipment.
With this in mind, NACB Interactive Educational Systems, Inc. (NACB-ies) has designed "The Dominator" series of crane training simulators. In a safe, controlled virtual environment operators can develop, test, and refresh their abilities on a variety tasks and skills necessary to safely operate a crane in today's work environment.  Our Mobile Crane Telescopic Boom Simulator, Overhead Bridge Crane Simulator, Hammerhead Tower Crane Simulator, Personal Desktop Simulators and our newest addition, the Mobile Crane Lattice Boom Simulator are the latest technology in simulation training for NACB-IES.



Crane Simulators Provide

  • Uninterrupted availability for hands on training
  • Increased safety awareness
  • Increased productivity
  • Ability to customize training and testing
  • Training with various loads and situations
  • Progressive skills exercises
  • The learning curve can be adjusted to meet individual needs
  • Detailed training log
  • Built–In record keeping
  • Ability to analyze training records
  • Immediate feedback
  • Computer generated scoring
  • Standardization


Potential for Savings with Simulation


Substantially Reduces the Learning Curve
Less instructor time required for training
Less actual field training required
Readily available training records
No Interruption of Production
Production maintains full use of cranes
Personnel schedules are meet
 Allows for Hazard Awareness Training
Reduced real-time exposure to hazardous conditions
Less likelihood of accidents
Reduced Compensation Claims
Reduced Litigation Claims
Less unscheduled equipment downtime
Less repair time


Systems Include

  • Multiple Testing Modes: Practice, Edit, Playback, Enhanced Training
  • Built in Analysis & Record Keeping
  • Parameters: Wind Conditions, Speed, Intensity, Rain, Lightning, Time of Day
  • System Training Scenarios: Practical Certification Test, Building, Construction Site, Highway Bridge Construction Site, Industrial Factory, Equipment Laydown Yard, Power-Line Areas


Financing Available

Preserving working capital is one of the most prevalent reasons for leasing. However, there are more advantages. Depending on the type of lease plan selected, significant cash flow, tax, administrative and operational advantages can be realized. These may include:

  • Use of Equipment - Leasing offers immediate use of the equipment for an agreed upon, low, monthly payment, rather than a large, up-front, cash outlay.
  • Financing of soft costs - Expenses associated with equipment usage such as shipping, installation, training, maintenance and software may be included in the lease agreement. 
  • Preservation of bank credit lines - Leasing won’t tie up existing lines of credit. They remain intact to fuel growth, or to meet other operating expenses. 
  • Flexible end-of-lease purchase or renewal options - Options may include purchasing the equipment, upgrading to new equipment, or continuing to lease at substantial savings Preservation of working capital - Low initial costs and flexible payment schedules, tailored to specific cash flow requirements minimize the drain on a business’ working capital. 



Contact us at 1-800-654-5640 or via email at to schedule a visit to our Orlando, FL  or Houston, TX Training Facility and we will set aside time for your personal one-on-one simulator demo or, if need be, we’ll schedule a site visit to your facility.



Frequently Asked Questions: 

How realistic are the simulators?

NACB Interactive Educational Systems crane training simulators are designed by crane operators, FOR crane operators. With that in mind, we set out to create a balance between realism and affordability. The objective was to allow the majority of the industry to afford the advantages of simulation training. Having a safer and more effective workforce was the goal. Approximately 99% of crane operators who use our large scale simulators for the first time, state that the system is "very realistic."

How many users can the system record?

Our large scale simulators allow for a virtually unlimited number of users to be added and tracked in the system.

How many variable exercises are there?

Our large scale simulators allow for a virtually unlimited number of exercises and variations to be added, edited, stored and used.

Are they portable?

There are two different types of IES simulators; the very portable desktop design, and the large scale simulator. Obviously, the desktop unit is designed with portability in mind. The desktop unit has an optional custom designed travel case. The large scale simulators are designed to be set in a training environment, and remain fairly immobile. The large scale units, with the exception of the Overhead Bridge Crane simulator, is designed with wheels and a size that allow for ease in mobility if movement is necessary.

Can I get records printed from them?

The large scale training systems are designed to allow for printed training reports. The desktop units are not, however, print screens of the trainee scores are obviously and option.

Can I certify my operators on the simulator?

There is currently not an APPROVED "Certification" in place for crane operators which utilizes a crane training simulator. However, companies world wide are using the simulators to not only "train" their operators, but to "qualify" that operator. That being said, employers do make the decisions based on the training criteria setup and used in the simulators, and the scores from the exercises.

Can you plug the desktop simulator into a larger screen monitor?

This is not an advertised option for these units. If this is a requirement of the buyer, an additional fee if applicable, and must to be disclosed as a need at acquisition time.

Can the trainers create their own exercises?

The large scale training simulation systems allow for unlimited creation of exercises. Exercises can vary greatly, and is virtually only restricted by a trainers imagination. The desktop simulators utilize a skeleton version of the large scale simulator, and can not be customized in any fashion.

Do they come fully loaded in Spanish?

Most IES simulators have the ability to have the language in Spanish. Please check with the selling representative to ensure the model you desire has the option of being in Spanish.

Are the manuals written in Spanish?

If the simulator has spanish available, the manual will be in spanish as well.

Can we add software to the simulator?

Large scale mobile crane simulators may have the option to add an alternative boom type software module, depending on version levels; ensure you check with the selling representative if you are interested in this benefit. No 3rd party software is to be added to the crane training simulator. If 3rd party software is added, the risk of voiding the service plan and /or warranty is highly probable.

Can we create different lifts?

On large scale systems, yes.

Can NACB-ies design the software specifically for our business?

NACB-ies does not custom design software. NACB's desire is to help teach lifting, and load control in varying scenarios. NACB may consider very small add-ins to the software; please discuss this matter with the selling representative.