Rigging Safety

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RS 100
This course of instruction is designed for personnel whose responsibilities are or will be the inspection of rigging gear for material movement. This course of instruction will cover the inspection and use of the approved slings and rigging hardware used in material handling, along with the effects of the environment on rigging gear.
Your personnel will learn:
This seminar presents the attendee information on safe basic rigging practices.
  • Sling Terminology & Types
  • Using Sling Capacity (Load) Charts
  • Using Shackles Properly
  • Basic Sling Attachments & Confi gurations
  • Calculating Sling Stresses
  • How to Determine Load Weight
  • Hooks and Wedge Sockets
  • Overview of Wire Rope and End Fittings
  • How to Properly Perform a Pre-Use Sling Inspection
  • How to Apply Current Federal Standards to Your Operation
  • How to Use Standard Weight Tables
  • Information Contained on Condition Forms


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Are there any prerequisites fro this course?


How many people can be in a class?

Class size normally ranges from 6-8 students, it’s best to register early to reserve seats.

Rigging Safety

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