NACB Products: Telescopic Boom Mobile Crane Trainer Package

Telescopic Boom Mobile Crane Trainer Package
Quick Review: Telescopic Boom Mobile Crane Trainer Package
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  • Program Specific PowerPoint Presentations
  • One DVD Combo Disc
    • Mobile Crane Communications: details the communications process by discussing the signal person’s responsibilities, comparing and contrasting various verbal communication devices, and demonstrating industry standard mobile crane hand signals with corresponding actions.
    • Mobile Crane Operations: This effective safety video provides valuable insight that every Site Supervisor, Foreman, and Team Leader should have to help prevent mobile crane accidents, and explains simple steps you can take to prevent common crane mishaps. Protect your valuable investment in personnel and lifting equipment.
    • Mobile Crane Annual Inspection: this comprehensive video will provide a thorough, detailed approach to the Annual Inspection of mobile cranes with telescopic and lattice booms in construction. We strive to bring you the latest information on federal regulations with a survey approach to the details and categories therein. Whether you are protecting your investment personnel or construction site, safety is the key to accident and problem prevention.
  • Daily Suggested Lesson Plan, Surveys & Tracking Form (pdf)
  • Hands-On Student Exercises (pdf)
  • Sample Pre-Test & Sample Post-Test (pdf)
  • Instructor Manual (pdf)
  • Student Training Manual (pdf)
    • Table of Contents:
  •  Introduction
  • Hydraulic Mobile Crane Terminology
  • Machine Condition
  • Hydraulic Mobile Crane Operator Checklist
  • Determining Crane Capacity
  • Limitations of Operations
  • Load Chart Interpretation
  • Safe Operating Practices for Hydraulic Mobile Cranes
  • Transporting Hydraulic Mobile Cranes
  • How to Select the Right Sling
  • Rigging Considerations
  • 5 Printed Student Training Manuals


An instructor manual can be printed for an addtional $125

Note: You must attend our Mobile Crane Train the Trainer course to be able to purchase this package. 

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