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Our commitment is to provide the most comprehensive safety training courses, materials, and certifications for operators, inspectors, and trainers within the crane and lifting industries both here in the United States and around the world. NACB, Inc.'s responsibility is the best service available, while maintaining current state-of-the-art information on safety as it applies to our industry. We are committed to providing the industry with a standard of excellence unparalleled in the field of safety. NACB, Inc.’s office staff, field technicians, safety programs, and material reflect our ongoing commitment. Browse our site to discover the many services including consultation, safety audits, accident investigation and products we have to offer including out latest Mobile, Overhead and Tower Crane Simulators.

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A New Standards-Based Crane Operator Certification Program Effective January 1, 2007 - NCCER and NACB, based in Orlando, Florida, announced a strategic partnership to develop and deliver certification mechanisms for mobile crane operators. "The partnership brings together decades of combined expertise in the areas of technical skill training and test development," said Don Whyte, NCCER president. Subject matter experts (SMEs) from across the nation and from companies large and small, have participated in written and practical test development meetings since May of 2006. Guided by Prov, NCCER's test-development-partner, SMEs pinpointed critical knowledge and skill areas (KSAs) grounded in the ASME B30.5 and OSHA 1910 standards. These KSAs became the benchmarks for the exam developments. "We base our exams on the ASME/OSHA standards because we want those earning our certification to know what's acceptable," said Ted Blanton. "Safety is number one-it's the whole reason for this certification-a certification that will be required, not only by companies, but by state, and eventually, by the federal government." The NCCER operator certification program consists of a two-part process: a written exam and a practical field evaluation. An immediate benefit of this program is that the written exams address only the specific type of equipment certification being sought. The practical field evaluation is also crane specific and is performed on the actual type of crane that will be operated. One of the major selling points of this program is the quick turnaround on test results. "NCCER has structured their certification so a crane operator can take both the written and practical components and receive the results back the same day," said Richard Nickel of Carolina Bridge Inc., Orangeburg, S.C. Written exams are administered by NCCER assessment centers and the practical exams are administered by NACB certified practical examiners. Practical examiner certification workshops are offered nationwide.

Company History

North American Crane Bureau Group.Consists of several divisions and corporate entities, all in active support of the crane, hoist and rigging industry. Members of the executive staff actively participate in the development of various national consensus safety standards under the ASME B30 umbrella, are members of the U.S. tag of ISO, and support several national trade associations. NACB is a founding member of the Association of Crane and Rigging Professionals. NACB Group and its subsidiaries are directed by company called Probility Media. Since its incorporation in 1986, NACB Group has been committed to provide the industry with a standard of excellence unparalleled in the field of safety. NACB, through its subsidiary NACB-IES, offers the industry state-of-the-art training simulators for mobile telescopic cranes, lattice boom truck cranes, overhead bridge cranes, and tower cranes. Units have been placed within organizations such as General Motors, U.S. Navy, I.U.O.E., Ford, U.S. Steel, General Electric, and internationally in all parts of the globe - South America, Africa, Asia, and even New Zealand. We conduct in excess of 400 safety training programs annually, all over the world. With training facilities located in Central Florida and Southeast Texas, personnel can receive hands-on crane operator training at both the Pasadena, TX and the Lake Mary, FL facilities. In addition to offering a wide variety of training programs, subsidiary NorAm® Productions Inc. has developed and published award winning safety videos for the lift industry. Most videos are available in English or Spanish, in DVD format. NACB also holds federal accreditation under 29CFR part 1919, Cal/OSHA accreditation under Title 8, and is recognized by several additional state entities as being qualified to conduct lift equipment inspection/ certification and/or operator training/ certification. In 1996 NACB partnered with NCCER to facilitate the development of its first mobile crane operator training series. Today NCCER has an ANSI Approved crane operator certification program that provides the industry with a cost-effective, standardized means to verify competency and to credential mobile crane operators.

Satisfied Customers

  • Ford Motor Company
  • Los Alamos National Labs
  • Atlantic Steel
  • General Electric
  • Michelin
  • AT&T
  • General Motors
  • Pacificorp
  • BAE Systems
  • Georgia Pacific
  • Perini
  • Boeing
  • Haynes International
  • P.J. Dick
  • Boise Cascade
  • IBM
  • Portland General Electric
  • City of Los Angeles
  • International Paper
  • Progressive Energy
  • Colt Construction
  • IUOE
  • Rockwell International
  • Conoco Phlilips
  • Johnson Controls
  • Shell Oli
  • Dallas Area Rapid Transit
  • Kaiser Aluminum
  • Teledyne Wah Chang
  • Department of Energy
  • Kansas City Power & Light
  • Tesla Motors
  • Dow Chemical
  • Kodak
  • Texaco
  • E.I. Du Pont de Nemours
  • Lawrence Livermore Nat’l Labs
  • United Technologies
  • Exxon Mobli
  • Lawrence Berkeley Nat’l Labs
  • U.S. Dept. of Defense
  • Fluor
  • Lockheed Martin & Space
  • U.S. Navy
  • U.S. Steel

International Affiliates


Please be aware that there are individuals and organizations falsely claiming to represent NACB, Inc. and are without the proper NACB, Inc. authorizations and credentials.

Please be cognizant that NACB, Inc. does have legitimate International Training Affiliates, and we list them on this page of our website.  As shown herein, there are several organizations that are International Training Affiliates that conduct training and services to companies on the behalf of NACB, Inc..

Please be aware that only NACB, Inc. Authorized Training Affiliates have the right to use NACB, Inc. copyrighted material in their training.

** Being trained to be a trainer by NACB or by an NACB Training Affiliate does not make a person or company an authorized NACB trainer; nor training affiliate.


Damont is an institution dedicated to training and certification of personnel in Crane and Heavy Equipment Operation. It also ventures into technological education of vital areas of the productive industry with five technical careers. Our main customers are in mining and grand industry. Regarding to training, we provide customized training through our SIEP Methodology (Personalized Education Integrated System) promoting a culture of quality by applying international standards. In the year 2013 we have trained over 2,000 Crane and Heavy Equipment Operators. Additionally, it provides Equipment Inspections and have developed courses in Occupational Safety, Hazardous Materials, Logistics, among other specialties.

Address: Av. Sucre #1160 Int. 3 – Pueblo Libre, Lima – Perú

Phone: 51-1-461-9550

E-mail: cdavalos@damontcft.edu.pe




NCCER, Prov and NACB, INC. have partnered to bring you a certification program that meets or exceeds the highest safety regulations and industry standards.

  • Meet/exceed current ASME B30.5requirements and OSHA regulations
  • Provide NCCER acclaimed industry credentials
  • Immediate test results - no rush fees
  • Exams specific to each crane type
  • Comprehensive and cost effective

Since 1996 NACB, Inc. has been a partner with NCCER in support of industry, assuring industry of receiving the highest quality training available in the market today.

We partnered with NCCER in the development of its’ original mobile crane operations curricula and most recently in the development of it’s nationally accredited crane operator certification program. NACB, Inc. is an accredited training sponsor (ATS) and an accredited assessment center (AAC), offering a variety of programs and assessments under the auspices and guidance of NCCER. Our entire technical staff are all NCCER master trainers.

Financing Options


NACB, Inc. is proud to offer financial assistance to start down a path in a new career.
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