Overhead Bridge Crane Simulator (Non-Cab)

Overhead Bridge Crane Simulator (Non-Cab)

Overhead Bridge Crane Simulator (Non-Cab) System

NACB Interactive Educational Systems Inc. (IES) Overhead Bridge Crane (Non-Cab) Simulation System is designed to simulate generic hoist and overhead cranes. 
Using software designs developed for the US military and commercial airlines, state-of-the-art computer graphics 

and hardware, IES crane simulator bridge the gap between classroom and hands-on training.Through this simulation system, training is provided in safety environment, controlling the load swing and reaction to equipment malfunctions.

Basic Overhead Bridge Crane (Non-Cab) Simulator System Offers:

  • Simulates a 30 ton top running overhead bridge crane
  • Wire Belly Box Radio Control functions
  • Wired Pendant Control functions
  • Auxiliary hoist
  • C-Hook
  • High-bay work area with 4 bridges at two levels
  • Packaged in shock-mounted rack
  • NACB-IES Overhead Crane Simulation Software

Ideal for:

  • Training of New Crane Operators
  • Refreshing of Experienced Operators
  • Record keeping – Documentation of Training
  • Incident/Accident Remedial Training

The Overhead Bridge Crane (Non-Cab)  Simulator allows you to 
execute the following Safe and Efficient Operations:

  • Proper Load Positioning
  • Pendant Operation
  • Radio Remote Operation
  • How to Control Swing
  • Pre-Operational Check of Controls
  • Check Safety Systems
  • Proper Reaction to Hand Signals
    • Hazard Recognition
    • Hazard Abatement

    Typical Work Areas include:

    • Multiple Warehouses
    • Factory Scenes
    • Various 3D objects
    • High-bay work area with 4 bridges at two levels
    • Field Practical Examination Test Practice Site


Contact us at 1-800-654-5640 or via email at nacbgroup@cranesafe.com to schedule a visit to our Orlando, FL  or Houston, TX Training Facility and we will set aside time for your personal one-on-one simulator demo or, if need be, we’ll schedule a site visit to your facility.