Overhead Crane Static Stepless Controls

Overhead Crane Static Stepless Controls

Overhead Crane Static Stepless Controls

Course Number: OCSC
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Static Stepless is a solid state, secondary reactor control system for overhead cranes. The course focuses on practical information for set-up, trouble shooting and component replacement on the control system. Course includes classroom and lab exercises to reinforce the lesson plan.

  • Understand the functions of all major system components
  • Use schematic diagrams to analyze and troubleshoot the electrical system
  • Understand the procedures used to test for proper operation
  • Explain proper set up and adjustment procedures for the system
  • Identify and correct motor problems, testing and analysis of wound rotor motors
  • Learn proper use of test equipment, Amp Clamp, Ohm-meter, and Digital Scope
  • Trouble shoot hoist and traverse controls systems

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Safety
  • Protective components
  • A.C. to D.C. rectification, SCR, Solid State, and modern modular
  • Wound rotor motors and Eddy Current Load Brake operation
  • Magnetic amplifiers
  • Bias Control Module
  • Frequency Module
  • Instrument Module
  • Modules and circuits
  • Ancillary components
  • Functional Tests
  • Instrumentation
  • Control Module Tests
  • Resistance checks and component testing
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