NCCER Mobile Crane Operator Certification

NCCER Mobile Crane Operator Certification

Since 1996 NACB, Inc. has been a partner with NCCER in support of industry, assuring industry of receiving the highest quality training available in the market today.

We partnered with NCCER in the development of its original mobile crane operations curricula and most recently in the development of it's nationally accredited crane operator certification program. NACB, Inc. is an accredited training sponsor (ATS) and an accredited assessment center (AAC), offering a variety of programs and assessments under the auspices and guidance of NCCER. The following link will direct you to NCCER's website

General Requirements

Demonstrate the ability to read, write, comprehend and exhibit mathematical skills, in the language of the crane manufacturer’s operations and maintenance instructional materials.

Physical Requirements

Applicant must sign the Application for Practical Examination, which includes an affidavit that a medical professional has found him/her physically qualified to operate mobile cranes per ASME B30.5 and that he/she has successfully passed (negative result) a substance abuse test, as specified in the current ASME B30.5 standards.

Written Assessments

  • Boom Trucks Cranes
  • Industrial/All Purpose Cranes
  • Telescopic Boom Cranes
  • Lattice Boom Cranes

NOTE: The content of the Industrial/All Purpose Crane and Boom Truck Crane written assessments are included in the Telescopic Boom Crane written assessment. An applicant may satisfy three categories by taking the Telescopic Boom Crane assessment. If an applicant desires certification on Boom Truck Crane only or Industrial/All Purpose Crane only, then only the respective written assessment may be taken.

Available Practical Credentials

  • Industrial/All Purpose
  • Rough Terrain/All Terrain
  • Single Control Station, Fixed Controls
  • Single Control Station, Rotating Controls
  • Rubber Tire Truck Mount
  • Articulating Boom Truck, Fixed Controls
  • Articulating Boom Truck, Rotating Controls
  • Telescoping Boom Truck, Fixed Controls
  • Telescoping Boom Truck, Rotating Controls
  • Telescopic Boom, All Terrain
  • Lattice Boom, Friction Machinery
  • Lattice Boom, Hydraulic Machinery
  • Crawler Mount Crane

A candidate may test on one or all of the practical examination(s) after the successful completion of the applicable written assessment); however, NCCER certification will only be issued on those types and categories for which the candidate successfully completes both the written assessment and the practical examination.


NCCER Certification is granted for a specific period of five years from the date of certificate issuance. 

For registration and program availability; contact us at 1-800-654-5640 or via email.

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