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North American Crane Bureau, Inc. is accredited by several recognized authorities to inspect and issue documents of certification for material handling devices:

  • Accredited - U.S. Department of Labor/OSHA
  • Accredited - Cal/OSHA
  • Accredited - WISHA
  • Accredited - Nevada/OSHA
  • Accredited - State of New Mexico

We provide safety and compliance inspections for:

  • Annual and Quadrennial Maritime Applications - 29 CFR part 1919
  • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual General Industry Applications - 29 CFR part 1910, ASME/ANSI B30 Series
  • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Construction Industry Applications - 29 CFR part 1926, ASME/ANSI B30 Series
  • Pre-Purchase Acceptance/Condition Inspections
  • Critical Lift Support

Our staff of qualified personnel conducts specialized, on site safety surveys and lift equipment audits.

We review:

  • Site operations
  • Training and inspections practices/documents
  • Maintenance/repair records
  • Procurement procedures
  • Rigging techniques

Upon completion of our on-site evaluation, we conduct an exit interview to verbally review our findings and/or recommendations. A detailed, formal written report is then issued.

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