VR Simulation Training

VR Simulation Training

Virtual Reality Simulation Training


NACB-Interactive Education Systems, Inc. is proud to introduce The "The Dominator VR" Virtual Reality Crane Simulator System with the latest simulation software “The Dominator 2.0”.

We executed a complete redesign of our previous software. Our new platform provides a variety of lifting environments and scenarios that allow operators to improve their skill and track their progress in a Virtual Reality (VR) environment.

VR simulation provides a true crane experience that includes responsive realistic physics, crane operations, lifting environments and data management.

With our built in VR scenarios, we provide the ability to add multiple obstacles and components to customize the environment.

The integrated data management system allows instructors to monitor the student’s utilization of the system, create user groups, build individualized exercises and assign them to a student or group.

Operator skills addressed in the simulation include:

  • Proper Load Positioning,
  • Pre-Operational Check of Controls
  • How to Control Swing
  • Check Safety Systems
  • Hazard Recognition
  • Hazard Abatement
  • Specific Process Training


Contact us at 1-800-654-5640 or send us an email to schedule a visit to our Orlando, FL or Houston, TX Training Facility and we will set aside time for your personal one-on-one simulator demo or, if need be, we’ll schedule a site visit to your facility.

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