Aerial Work Platform Operator & Inspector

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AWPO/I 100

Aerial Work Platforms are found throughout our industry, in factories, out on construction sites, practically anywhere there is a need for someone to reach an additional height. There are a wide variety of systems in use; some are better suited for particular environments than others. When they are used properly, they are very safe. However, used improperly, they become a potential danger not only to those operating them but to the general public in near proximity. This training program will address the various types of equipment available, safe practices and inspectios required by the industry.


Add-On Options 


Option 1 - Inspector Kit*: $150

 Multiple tools for inspection include: tape measure; wire rope card; caliper; magnifier; pocket knife and level. All in soft canvas belly pack.

Option 2 - NACB, Inc. Certified Inspector Certification: $495 

Immediately following the completion of this program, a block of time has been reserved for administration of written testing for Certification. A Certificate of Competency is issued to those who successfully complete all the requirements set forth by NACB, Inc. Please contact us to determine what qualifications your personnel must possess.


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Class size normally ranges from 6-8 students, it’s best to register early to reserve seats

Aerial Work Platform Operator & Inspector

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